hello stalker ! Glad to see you in my blog :)

makan, makan & makan

let's talk abaout last night ^_^
heeee whats happened last night?? OMG !
celebrate befday my mom lorh =)

whats about the title??
yeah ! sabaw sabaw sabaw..
baru je nk ctew =)

last night we celebrated befday my mom at one restaurant that we haven't enter the restaurant before..

PappaRich .....

what i c when i enter this restaurant ???
ohh ! my fwen there ! fazira ^_^
what she do there??
what else?? eating lorh !! hahahhaa~

we sit & pick up the menu..
i choose Pappa ChickenChop ^_^
yummy ! delicious ! [ sehingge menjilat jari kaki ! ] wakaka !

OMG !! 
dad ! dun steal my chicken !
i'm hungry dad =(
what about drink???
ohh ! i dun know where our drink disappear =(

jz look at my mom..
ummmmmmmm delicious mom ??
whot whot !

i want 2 eat before we go back 2 our village..
i'm not finished yet 2 story mory about us =(
ok larh ok larh,, next time i story mory ag ..

trimas sudi menjenguk ^_^